If you want to build a new home, commercial building or apartment block that offers better resale value, won’t sag or rot, and will still be standing 100% guaranteed straight and strong in 50 years, you can’t go past STEELHAUS – galvanised, high-tensile steel framing specifically designed for local conditions.

With offices in Christchurch and Auckland, STEELHAUS works alongside New Zealanders nationwide to create safe buildings, including:

• Beautiful, durable, healthy homes;

• Up to six-storey, versatile and earthquake resistant commercial buildings

STEELHAUS offers the ideal building solution for extreme weather environments and remote site locations.


“The Gib is less likely to crack on the joins, and you won’t have nail pops and squeaking floors.”

Creative | Strong | Cost Effective

Cost Effective and Fast Construction

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If you’re building your own home – whether for your family or as a long term investment that will increase in value – the team at STEELHAUS can help you get into your ideal home faster, cheaper and with more space for your money than traditional timber.

A contemporary building material for contemporary families, steel framing is designed for a more sustainable and healthier New Zealand and requires less maintenance for problems like cracked linings and sticking doors.


• Steel framed houses are lighter, faster and easier to build

• Less time spent installing plumbing, wiring etc.

• Fire retardant

• Performs better in an earthquake (Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission)

• 100% recyclable

• Less of a burden on landfills than traditional materials

• No chemical treatments or termite colonies

• Healthier and sustainable

• Easier to manage on site

• Free from warping, splitting or bending


Contact STEELHAUS today for a free, no-obligations chat about how we can help you with what you want to achieve and, while you’re about it, think about how the money you save will buy you a better kitchen or bathroom.