Steel building in Auckland and New Zealand

For residential or commercial building solutions, you can expect excellent results from the team at SteelHaus. Your investment is backed by a 50-year durability statement.

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Steel has long been used in the construction industry worldwide. Today it is still one of the strongest, most durable and economical manufactured materials available.

Steel framing is a proven technology and trusted the world over. Cold formed steel is light weight, easy to handle, precision-engineered and a high quality alternative to traditional timber framing materials.

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Framing precision

Steel framing is engineered for maximum safety, accuracy, durability, strength and build speed.

Our designers are meticulous. They spend countless hours engineering the structural integrity of your building. Using computer analysis your home or business will meet all bracing and framing requirements for high winds, altitude, heavy rainfall, earthquakes and snow loads.

Our frames, trusses and joists are designed to meet the highest New Zealand building standards.

Sleep safe knowing that your building is structurally sound and designed specifically for your site.

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Commercial Construction

Build quality commercial structures fast and cost effectively. Steel framing has been used for decades in commercial and apartment construction. It is a tried and well-proven technology.

Our unique structural technology lets clients and architects create fully customisable commercial buildings. Our collective experience and specialist knowledge delivers intelligent, creative solutions.

  • Retail stores
  • Commercial offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Megastores
  • Hangars
  • Commercial distribution centres

Our framing technology offers innovative internal bracing, eliminating the need for traditional GIB and ply timber bracing. We can build up to four storeys without the need for heavy, expensive structural steel.

You can be sure we know what we’re doing. We’re known for building quality commercial structures fast and cost-effectively and we stand by our work.

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Project Management

We deliver building projects of every size and complexity. We work to understand your needs and then work collaboratively to achieve the best possible building outcomes on time and on budget.

The team here at SteelHaus will communicate clearly with you every step of the way and keep your project on track. There will be no surprises.

Our project management style is characterised by our close attention to detail. We help remove the stress associated with commercial and residential building. We’ll be there to take care and support you right through your project from taking care of design plans, to the production of highly accurate wall frames, to the delivery of trade-friendly steel frames with pre-punched service holes.

Good in-house planning and logistics ensure the seamless delivery of building product to your site, this means time and cost savings for you.

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Residential Construction

Building quality homes fast and cost-effectively

Steel framing has been used in New Zealand house building for over 50 years. In South Australia 30% of new homes are of metal frame construction, in Hawaii it is 70%.

Steel is rapidly becoming the material of choice for many builders, architects and home owners who are looking to build and design creative homes and living spaces.

Designed and tested to meet the highest New Zealand standards, steel frame houses are top performers for safety and sustainability. If you are looking for a warm home for your family that resists damp fungi and mould, performs better in earthquakes and fires, you want a steel framed home.

Speak to us at SteelHaus today about how we can work with you to create your dream home. We build throughout New Zealand.

SteelHaus for steel construction NZ wide. Wherever strong, reliable steel framing is required, we’ll be there.

Discover the advantages of structural steel. Auckland to Christchurch, we’re here to help. Our fully integrated systems allow for sustainable buildings and flexible design options. Create healthier, safer, more attractive, open living spaces faster and more cost-effectively.

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