Why Steel

Steel Construction NZ Wide | Build On Strength

Why Do Builders, Architects and Home Owners Prefer Building with Steel?

Design Flexibility

Create wide, open spaces, innovative building shapes and non-conventional roof lines.

Widen your horizons

SteelHaus technology allows for longer roof spans, giving more flexibility for creative designs and extra features such as larger open plan areas and greater cantilevers; features not achievable with timber.
Build without disruptive columns or fewer loadbearing walls.


Reuse and recycle.

Go green

The amount of energy required to produce steel has been reducing steadily since 1972.
This coupled with the fact that steel is 100% recyclable
– repeated recycling does not result in degradation –
makes it the sustainable choice when it comes to building your new home, commercial building or apartment block.

Non-allergenic, Healthier Buildings

Steel construction NZ wide as a healthier choice.

Breathe easier

Steel framing can't absorb moisture and will not act as a food source for toxic mould, fungus and mildew spores. Steel frame homes are manufactured without the carcinogenic chemicals used to stop timber rotting.
Unlike timber framed homes, steel buildings do not contain the high levels of arsenic and other volatile organic compounds used to manufacture and maintain building materials.
For your family, that means less exposure to chemicals and fewer problems with allergies and asthma.
Steel framing is a 'Sensitive Choice' product having been independently assessed by the Asthma Foundation's Product Advisory panel.

Site Choice

Steel is the ideal building material for difficult sites.

Build distinctively you

Steel framing has excellent spanning capability and one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials: the ideal building material for sloping or difficult sites.
Steel framing lets you create highly individualised buildings in the style of your choice where you want to build them.

Longevity and Durability

Steel framed homes and buildings are strong and keep on looking fantastic.

Steel yourself for the future

Steel framed homes and buildings are strong and keep on looking fantastic. They are rot and rust resistant. Enjoy straight walls, square corners and smooth-flush surfaces for the entire life of your home. If it comes time to sell, you’re going to have a house or building that still looks great and has better resale value.

Construction Speed

Get a quicker build time and avoid the frustration many new home builders have to endure when all they want to do is move in. Steel framing homes are lighter, faster and easier to erect and manage on site.

Move in faster

Pre-cut, pre-drilled and easy to handle, steel framing uses less manpower to get the job done, greatly reducing the cost of labour during construction. Galvanised coating protects against corrosion so there are no delays waiting for frames to dry prior to cladding and lining. Electricians and telecommunications technicians take less time because they don’t have to drill holes; they can quickly run the wires and cables through already present access holes. Frames are straight and true which makes it easier and faster to achieve a high level of internal finish on walls, floors and ceiling. This helps with the rapid fitting of internal linings, kitchens and cupboards.

Fire Resistance

Steel is non-combustible.

Smoke without fire

Under high heat, steel framing will deform but will not burn. Steel frames do not contribute to the spread of fire or increase the fire load.
They will not add fuel to the fire.
By significantly reducing the amount of flammable materials in your home, you are effectively increasing the fire safety of your home.

Building Finish

Buildings made from steel framing keep their shape.

Keep your priorities straight

Steel framing is a straight, stable product that delivers a perfect finish. Walls are straight, corners square and surfaces flush. Because steel construction won’t absorb moisture, steel frame homes will not twist, shrink or warp. You can say goodbye to plaster cracking, saggy ceilings, bowed walls and jamming doors or windows.

Seismic Resistance

“With a few notable exceptions, steel structures performed well during this earthquake series, to the extent that inelastic deformations were less than what would have been expected given the severity of the recorded strong motions.” – Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission.

Live with unshakeable support

Build on strength.
Steel construction has been shown to have excellent earthquake resistance.
Not only is steel strong, it is flexible and lighter than wood.
With steel framing there is less weight to move during an earthquake, and less weight that must then stop moving.
This means there is a lower probability of damage because lighter structures with stronger connections to foundations result in less seismic force: less risk from foundation movement and lower stress on foundations.

SteelHaus for steel construction NZ wide.

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